A new thermal scanner built to stop the spread.

What Is FaceScan?


FaceScan is a thermal scanner built to read body temperature as well as verify identities using facial recognition. This two part biometric hardware serves functions that can be applied to any and all locations and businesses.

Thermal imaging camera

Thermal Scanning


With an ongoing global health crisis, large events, corporate offices, and retail locations need a solution for health verification.

With FaceScan, you get the option to temperature screen employees or patrons, verify identity via facial recognition software, even handle large crowds with heat imaging.

Who Can Use FaceScan?


Large Stadiums

Temperature screening of large crowds at events

Commercial Buildings

Employee verification and temperature checks 

Business Locations

Temperature screening of patrons and customers

Temperature Scanners

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FaceScan offers single product purchase as well as wholesale options.

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FaceScan Features

FaceScan's bio metric thermal scanner comes with a variety of features built into each product.

  • Temperature Measurement

    Accurate body temperature readings in real time.

  • Facial Recognition

    99.5% accuracy readings of the human face.

  • Employee Verification

    Pre uploaded personnel records matched with verification.

  • No Contact Measurement

    2 foot radius of camera facial recognition ability.

  • Learning Algorithim

    Machine learning to verify multiple faces at once.

  • NFC Reader

    Keycard and QR code reader available.

Thermal scanner connections

FaceScan Connection


FaceScan hardware connects right into a turnstile, gate locking systems, and access points. Connections also available to internet devices and local machines

Distance Verification


FaceScan hardware has the ability to perform facial recognition and thermal imaging from up to 2 feet away. 99.5% accuracy for identity verification and possibility to verify crowds and multiple faces.

Thermal Imaging Software

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About Us

PrintScan is a fingerprinting and background screening company offering fingerprinting services worldwide. While serving the general public, PrintScan also specializes in the design and implementation of live scan equipment and software. Corporate solutions, software, and a network of over 700 locations are at our customers fingertips.

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