Fingerprint Card Conversion

Clients who are unable to go to a PrintScan fingerprint collection location may use our Fingerprint Card Conversion Service. Our Fingerprint Card Processing Department utilizes advanced scanning technology to convert a traditional fingerprint card into an electronic fingerprint record. Converting a “hard card” into an electronic fingerprint record enables you to have your fingerprints processed as quickly as if you had traveled to a PrintScan fingerprint collection site for Live Scan capture.

Fingerprint Card Conversion is available for the following agencies:

  • FBI Background Checks
  • FDLE Level 2 Background Checks
  • Fingerprint Archiving Services

Fingerprint Cards Are Processed Within 24 Hours


Fingerprint Card Conversion Instructions

  1. Complete 2 FBI (FD-258) fingerprint cards with assistance from a local law enforcement agency or other entity that provides fingerprinting services. These fingerprint cards may be either traditional ink rolled fingerprints or electronically captured and printed fingerprint cards
  2. Send your complete fingerprint card and card scanning form and payment to:
Live Scan Fingerprinting Training

958 S Broadway

Hicksville, NY 11801, USA

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