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The need for fingerprint identification has grown exponentially

Fingerprint Biometrics, also known as Fingerprint Identification Technology, is over a century old, and has been one of the most highly used methods for human recognition and identification. Despite being over 100 years old, automated biometric systems have only been made readily available to the public for the last two decades or so. Since fingerprints have a broad acceptance with the general public, law enforcement, and the forensic science community, they will continue to be used with many government legacy systems and will be utilized in new systems for evolving applications. Fingerprint identification will continue to evolve as the organized standards of Local, State, and Federal government adapt.


Why become a partner in the Fingerprinting Biometric Industry?

PrintScan is a New York based fingerprint service provider founded in 2001. By 2012 PrintScan had realized the deficiencies with Live Scan fingerprint software costing too much and built without the end-user in mind. It was this realization that led PrintScan to build their own Live Scan fingerprint system. The ultimate goal was to use our combined decades of industry experience to create a Live Scan software program that would be cost effective without sacrificing quality. PrintScan specializes in completely customizable, flexible, robust, and user-friendly Live Scan fingerprinting systems as well as kiosks and has an in-house software development team to accommodate the ever-evolving biometric industry. What sets PrintScan apart from the other biometric providers is our first-hand knowledge of the fingerprinting service industry and all of its processes as well as our reputation for providing quality products and services that are completely customizable.

PrintScan is always seeking to grow our network of partners not just in the United States but internationally as well. Join PrintScan as a partner and we will guide you throughout to ensure your continued success.

PrintScan is not currently seeking partners in the five boros of New York City, Nassau, Suffolk or Westchester Counties.

You are encouraged to submit the Partner questionnaire as circumstances often change and we always refer back to our interested partner database.


Why become a partner in the Fingerprinting Biometric Industry?

The global market for fingerprint biometrics is projected to reach $11.9 billion by 2020. The market is expected to be driven by growing biometric investments in government sectors, national and civil Identification, law enforcement, and user authentication applications.


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