Marketing For Fingerprinting Companies

We offer our dedicated marketing team to work for your company and improve your website traffic.

How Do We Do It?


Marketing for fingerprint companies is not easy. Most live scan business owners fall into these issues below.


  • Not having the state contract but getting inquiries for state fingerprinting
  • Zero to no website traffic
  • Customers who have no idea what they need
  • Google advertising that attracts the wrong services


Over the years PrintScan has developed a marketing team that works specifically in the fingerprinting and background screening market. Our team has navigated through the same issues you are going to experience.

We are now opening applications to offer our marketing services at a discounted rate to companies that would like to add fingerprinting services into their business.

Our Results

If you type in "Ink fingerprinting" into google you'll see that PrintScan shows up number 1. This Google positioning is the result of technical SEO and proper web design handled by our web designers and developers.

"Ink Fingerprinting" among many of the keywords that our website ranks for in Google. Our marketing team has reverse engineered this success to work with all of our live scan partners. Once you partner with PrintScan you get access to become a marketing partner as well.

Receive all of the hard work and attention we give our own site to yours. Our marketing package also includes website design / re design, Google advertising, and conversion rate optimization by default. Why not use our proven digital marketing strategies to grow your business?

Google PPC Advertising

SEO Rankings

Application Requirements

  • Become A PrintScan Partner
  • Have Live Scan Equipment
  • Have A Marketing Budget
  • Be An Accredited Business

Our Marketing Services Include

Search Engine Optimization

Would it be crazy to show up on the first page of Google for fingerprinting services in your area?

Google Paid Advertising

Develop a structured paid advertising campaign to funnel customers into your doors.

Web Design / Re design

Our in house web designers will work on your site to convert visitors and schedule appointments.

Apply For Marketing

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About Us

PrintScan is a fingerprinting and background screening company offering fingerprinting services worldwide. While serving the general public, PrintScan also specializes in the design and implementation of live scan equipment and software. Corporate solutions, software, and a network of over 700 locations are at our customers fingertips.

PBSA Background
FBI Appendix F Certified
FBI Approved Channeler
SOC 2 Compliant
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