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    To be proactive is to be protected
    Volunteer Organization

Volunteers of non-profit organizations are often held to the same standards as employees of for-profit organizations because they generally perform the same or similar tasks. PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) gives non-profit organizations the ability to conduct comprehensive and affordable background checks before volunteers or employees are allowed to work with children or other vulnerable populations.

Key Benefits

  • Protects non–profit organizations from negligence claims
  • Ensures safety of vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly
  • Prevents costly public relations nightmares

Our Non-Profit Volunteer Clients

  • Church Volunteers
  • Youth Sports Volunteers
  • Parks and Recreation Volunteers
  • Hospital Volunteers
  • School Volunteers
  • Senior Citizen Volunteers
PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) specializes in creating customized packages to meet the individual needs of each firm or organization and their unique requirements.

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