• To be proactive is to be protected! Safeguard the security of your corporation and your reputation.
  • Professional background screenings are essential in all recruiting and hiring processes.
  • Employers are expected by the public, the law, and the courts to be extra-vigilant when screening employees.
  • Periodic re-assessments for all employees, especially promotion candidates, are valuable in maintaining the quality of employee performance as well as preserving the security of your organization.
  • Not all investigations are equal. Let us customize a professional and detailed program to meet your specific needs.**

With our help, you receive pre-employment background screening services that help you make fast and informed decisions at cost-effective prices, so you hire the best qualified candidates in conjunction with your security and operation plans.

The depth of criminal background checks depends on each individual firm. PrintScan Fingerprinting & Background Screening Resources (BSR) specializes in creating customized packages to meet the individual needs of each financial firm and their unique requirements.

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PrintScan offers four convenient locations in New York as well as partner locations across the United States. We also provide on-site fingerprinting services throughout the world.

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