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PrintScan is a New York based fingerprinting and background screening company established in 2001.

We are owned and operated by Law Enforcement Officers. PrintScan offers professional live-scan and ink fingerprinting services, background screening solutions, and is a biometric software and hardware provider.

PrintScan is one of New York’s most successful fingerprint companies, with decades of experience and rejection rates far below the industry standard of 2%. All PrintScan’s certified fingerprint technicians are vetted and cleared through NYS Department of Criminal Justice, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, TSA, and Homeland Security. PrintScan is also considered a subcontracted FBI Channeler.

Our goal is to provide a fast, reliable, and high-quality service to all our clients. PrintScan’s staff of experienced fingerprint technicians provide professional and courteous fingerprinting services that can be performed either at one of our locations or your office, place of business or home. For larger on-site groups, we send additional technicians with minimal disturbance to your environment. We’ll travel all over the globe!

PrintScan specializes in flexible, robust, and user-friendly Live Scan fingerprinting systems as well as kiosks and has an in-house software development team to accommodate the ever-evolving biometric industry.


Here are a few of the many people who make PrintScan a success

Thomas Van Schuyler


Office Manager

Laurie joined PrintScan in 2016. Laurie has a diverse background in retail and customer service. Her previous experience in background screening has helped PrintScan build its background screening department, one of PrintScan’s newest services offered. She now runs the entire Background Screening Resources department!




PrintScan was founded in 2001 by Thomas Van Schuyler. Over the years PrintScan has grown to become New York’s most successful private fingerprint company. Thomas Van Schuyler has decades of experience in the fingerprinting industry. His expertise led to PrintScan’s success and now to the creation of our own live scan system. PrintScan provides fingerprint services in our offices in New York, as well as nationwide on-site services for corporations and individuals. This front-line experience is what provides us an edge over other fingerprint providers.


Director of Operations

Kathy Szwader began as a mobile fingerprinting technician for PrintScan in late 2010. Before long, Kathy was moved to a position in PrintScan’s busy New York City office. Her organizational and interpersonal skills provided the office with better efficiency and customer service. Kathy was promoted to office manager of the New York City location by 2012.



Computer Programmer

Phillip is our software developer who writes all of our software at PrintScan. He's working remotely down in Southern Florida, basking in the sunny weather. His hobbies include enjoying Pina Coladas on the beach watching it snow in New York on The Weather Channel.

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