Why Do Fingerprint Cards Get Rejected for Processing by the FBI?

The underlying causes for rejected fingerprint cards vary.  The two major distinctions between fingerprint cards are whether the fingerprint card is a traditional ink hard copy or whether it is an electronic version.

If you submitted a traditional ink fingerprint card and it was rejected, it may be for, but not limited, to the following reasons:

  • Low quality print job by the printers,
  • Use of pencil or ink other than blue or black,
  • Labels applied to “Leave Blank” areas,
  • Poor penmanship resulting in indecipherable writing or incomplete data,
  • Entry not within boundaries of entry block,
  • Use of highlighter in entry block,

Ink or electronic fingerprint submissions may also be rejected for the following reasons:

  • Missing originating agency identifier,
  • More than one fingerprint impression per block,
  • Descriptive data not complete,
  • Missing or invalid required data,
  • No attempt to print deformed or scarred fingers as required,
  • Charge is incomplete,
  • Fingerprints not properly rolled or poor quality,
  • Missing or extra fingers not noted,
  • Fingerprint impressions out of sequence,
  • Fingerprints appear on back of card rather than front,
  • Missing fingerprints with no explanation provided.

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