The principals and staff of PrintScan have brought their combined industry knowledge and experiences of over thirty years in the world of fingerprinting and software development to develop a modern, robust, and affordable Live Scan system. At PrintScan we put our clients and our products above all. We take many years of efficient and professional fingerprinting service experience to the next level by changing what is wrong with the fingerprinting industry and making it right. Too many times we have seen the fingerprinting industry fall short of expectations; experiencing a lack of customer and technical support, while using sub-par Live Scan systems, and we strive to make big changes. We have seen the problems and listened to the complaints. PrintScan will always be there for all of our clients, big or small, and we will never outgrow any of them.

Live Scan

Fingerprinting for the next generation

The PrintScan Live Scan fingerprinting system is an unmatched Live Scan solution that has been constructed to run parallel with the introduction and growth of a $1.2 billion, ten-year life cycle project by the FBI called Next Generation Identification (NGI) that hinges on biometric identification technologies. The forecasted growth in the biometrics industry is expected to exceed $15 billion annually by 2019. As these changes take place and we advance into the next generation of fingerprinting, we strive to introduce to our clients modern software designed with both the end user and the applicant being fingerprinted in mind. PrintScan has all the tools gained through extensive experience and knowledge to keep up with the rapidly changing industry and growth, all at a much lower cost than other Live Scan systems. As PrintScan continues to grow with the Biometric industry, we introduce “Fingerprinting for the next Generation.” The PrintScan Live Scan system is phase one of many endeavors and projects that we have planned for biometrics for the next generation.

PrintScan LiveScan Enrollment System

The PrintScan Live Scan software is built with robust features and software that is easy to navigate. It is constructed with certified components that exceed FBI standards and is user-friendly without compromising the state of the art industry standards. The system has the ability to be customized to the needs of our clients without compromising the technology or pricing. PrintScan has recognized the industry’s need for an affordable, customizable, and efficient user-friendly Live Scan solution. Our fingerprint system is embraced and appreciated by our clients.

The PrintScan Live Scan system is designed for speed and accuracy and captures forensic quality rolled fingerprints, flat fours, and thumbs. Your fingerprinting solution should utilize the latest technologies to help you comply with industry regulations, provide quick turnaround, and reduce overspending. Our electronic fingerprinting solution and integrated software make scanning easier, without the need to buy expensive equipment. We can also help reduce your fingerprint submission costs by scoring prints with our easy to read fingerprint meter to ensure only high-quality prints are submitted. Our systems are ideal and compact enough to take up minimal space in an office or store and can be used for on-site fingerprinting. With the PrintScan Live Scan you can ensure a successful fingerprint program.

We work with anyone and everyone, big or small, and we will work with what is needed, from an entire system with all the bells and whistles to just our software program. Systems are delivered to you fully configured to your individual request. We provide COMPLETE solutions, not just hardware and software. We will consult with you to provide a well-balanced Live Scan system regardless of what size your company is. We will stand by our clients from the initial planning stages, to installation and training, as well as ongoing support.