New York Fingerprints is a New York based fingerprinting company servicing businesses and individuals. Our company is comprised of experienced fingerprint technicians who provide professional and efficient fingerprinting for any and all needs. We provide ink and Live Scan fingerprinting in your location or in one of our four locations based in Manhattan, Long Island, and White Plains by appointment only. We serve companies, institutions, and individuals needing print cards or electronic fingerprinting. We provide these services in the tri-state area and throughout the world.

PrintScan covers all of your fingerprinting needs

Fingerprint Capture

We provide services for

  • Brokerage Firms and Banks - FINRA, SEC, NFA, ABA, etc.
  • Children's fingerprinting
  • All out of state fingerprinting requirements
  • NY State fingerprinting requirements
  • Insurance companies
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Immigration to other Countries (Not United States)
  • Security clearance for government jobs/contracts
  • Gaming licenses
  • Public transportation
  • Higher education
  • FBI Identity History Summary checks
  • Medical licenses
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Individuals that need fingerprints to sit on Board of Directors for companies
  • And many more!


New York Fingerprints offers four convenient locations for our clients. Fingerprinting appointments are required if you would like to be printed and same day appointments can be accommodated!

Contact us about availability in other areas via on-site technicians or partner locations!

To Schedule an Appointment With A PrintScan Specialist

PrintScan offers four convenient locations in New York as well as partner locations across the United States. We also provide on-site fingerprinting services throughout the world.

Please contact us about availability in other areas via partner locations or on-site technicians!

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