Print Scan is proudly one of only 13 companies authorized to transmit fingerprints electronically to FINRA. Electronic Fingerprint Submissions (EFS) will allow for cleaner and faster processing as well as lower costs to your firm. When using EFS, fingerprint results will be available on your firm’s web CRD within 72 hours. In addition, processing fees payable to FINRA drop from $42.75 when sending cards to $27.75 with EFS, a savings of 40%!

PrintScan is currently trusted by over 200 firms nationwide to process fingerprints via EFS!


PrintScan offers our clients flexible and convenient options for submitting to FINRA, including:

  • FINRA Electronic Fingerprint Submissions in our locations.
  • FINRA Electronic Fingerprint Submissions via on-site fingerprint technician.
  • Ink fingerprint cards for direct FINRA submission.
  • Card Scanning services for out of state applicants to convert ink fingerprint cards to EFS.
  • Live scan software options for firms to do their own in-house fingerprinting.

Contact us by phone or email for more information on signing up for FINRA Electronic Fingerprint Submissions!

To Schedule an Appointment With A PrintScan Specialist

PrintScan offers four convenient locations in New York as well as partner locations across the United States. We also provide on-site fingerprinting services throughout the world.

Please contact us about availability in other areas via partner locations or on-site technicians!

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